Site Update 7/6/2021


For any who are interested, you've probably been wondering why this blog has been dead beyond comparision. Simply put, I've been rather focused on summer activities (and my job) that the time dedicated to my website and channel has become a very secondary thing. I'm still in "the game", I just had to take a sabbotical, more or less.

Anyways, as I'm typing this from a deck in a backyard I just figured I'd start talking more here and get to work on another video project. That's more or less it.

Although I will say for anyone who's trying to contact me from email, I've been getting an SSL error for my domain that says the certificate has expired (despite the fact I have certbot renew it automatically), so if you do (or don't) know something about that, I can be contacted on Matrix. I'll update that info on my contacts page (if it isn't there already).