Website Changes and an Addendum to Dangers of DRM


As you might have seen from last time, I've made some changes to this website, mainly the fact that I actually updated the homepage and such. I know have put links to my Odysee, YouTube, blog, and rss feed up there for everyone to see. Also, I actually made this website look nice.

In addition, I also added a webring to this site, courtesy of the fellow anons on LainChan so be sure to check that out if you'd like. They have good website taste and I'd like to encourage a less-bloated internet experience for all, and also promote some guys who deserve it.

In addition to that, I also made an addendum to my DRM video going over some extra research and points I found during the production of that video. Namely some alternate solutions and food for thought I didn't mention last time. Overall, I want the main takeaway to be that bad DRM practices reduce artists' incentive to create and that if there's going to be DRM moving forward, then it needs to respect user privacy and be sensible solution. I specifically cited Jacob Smith's article on the subject because he's the only one I've come across online that proposes something that can be considered a decent middle ground and more sustainable than the current online-only, install spyware approach that most companies do nowadays.

Anyways, I plan to do lots more videos, some in this vain, some not. I'd like to go over image magick and ffmpeg one of these days for basic video editing/image editing techniques (might make some bash scripts for those), a normie's guide to RSS and probably some game stuff as well. Not something dumb like basic run-of-the-mill review stuff; probably video essay things or observations about the industry, over maybe just observations about the entertainment industry in general. I seek to be profound in what I do, should I do a more long-form video essay like that. Hopefully stutter less and trim the fat and make something really thought-provoking. That, and/or have some fun here and there.

Also, I wanna set up a PayPal of sorts or some non-crypto donation method sometime in the future to (namely) help get better equipment (all FOSS of course), and do better, cooler stuff. We'll see how that goes.

That's pretty much all for now, hopefully more and better things to come, so stay tuned.