About Me

I’m anonymous. Well, partially anyways. Obviously having a username associated with myself isn’t quite fully anonymous, but I prefer to keep my personal details more or less personal. Anonymity is something that everyone who used the internet used to abide by but it seems to be a lost art nowadays. I value my secrets and you should too. If you need a nickname, call me “Ex”.

However, I’d still like to talk about certain things I like and reach out to a community (if only just a few people). Who knows; maybe somebody could come across my resources and find them useful, refreshing, or insightful.

I also took some care in creating this site and the interface to make sure it would as unobtrusive as possible. You click on a blog post, and you read it. Then it shows similar posts, and all the stuff you actually care about seeing. I suppose you could say “graphic design is my passion”, but really I just would like to see a return to some sane UI in a land of “minimalism” (which in my experience creates more confusion than anything else. You can read more about that in my article.)

If you need to get in contact or donate something, please refer to the links below. And of course, be sure to check out some of the sites I mention below, in my blog posts, or otherwise. Please enjoy!