The Extramundane

Welcome to my website. I go by Ex online, so that's probably what you should call me. I am merely another man on the internet with a blog and a passion for art. Not dry, soulless stuff; only the good things.

In this neck of the woods you can find my Blog, which I update semi-frequently. There's also my Odysee account Odysee Logo (AKA good YouTube that doesn't suck), and also the Google site that hosts videos TheirTube Logo that you probably know about.

You'll also see my Backloggery Beaten , which has a list of games I've played and whether I've beaten them or not. If you're at all interested or enjoy some good site aesthetics, go check it out.

I also have an RSS feed for my blog. If you don't know what this, basically I'm able to follow social media and blogs without using a web browser of any sort, all on one program. I'll make a guide about that one day, so for now you'll have to look it up (or go here).

This is my creed of sorts.



I hope to keep all my vids and stuff free. I'm not made of money ya know. See my full donation page for more.